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    Your Rights

    The right to request information about your data that we process or hold about you is granted. Especially if you have any concern about the data that we have about you. If there are any inconsistencies or incorrect information, you have the right to get the data changed at no cost. If you want to stop us from using your information for any direct marketing purposes, you have the right to ask us to stop using your information. You can contact us by Email at Support@thinksolutionz.com and ask us not to use your data.



    By submitting the information to us, or through the Site, or through our agents, you expressly and voluntarily agree that we can use the data that you sent in processing, retention, and sharing of the data that you have provided by the regulations that are set in this Privacy Policy.



    Your personal information is secure, we have put up appropriate security and technical measures that will ensure that there is no unlawful, unauthorized, destruction, damage or accidental loss of the information that we have about you. We store the information that we collect about you insecure servers to ensure that the information is protected. To ensure that this is possible we use firewalls to protect our servers. Our system uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) when collecting information about payment card payment using electronic methods.

    Even though the method does not guarantee 100% security of the information stored on the servers, it makes it difficult for hackers trying to steal the data stored on the server. It is not recommended to send your full debit or credit card information in unencrypted electronic communications with us. We ensure that there are electronic, physical and procedural safeguards that guide our collection and disclosure of the information that we collect from you. We have put in place security measures that make us ask you for your identification before we give you your information. As an individual you also have a responsibility in ensuring that your account is secure, ensure that your computer and password are not in the hands of unauthorized persons.


    Log Information

    Information is sent from your browser to our servers each time you access Solutionz (Thinksolutionz.com). The data is stored in the server log files. The information that is transferred from your browser includes; the IP address, the web address of the website that referred you to Solutionz (Thinksolutionz.com), the pages that you visit, the browser that you use to access Solutionz (Thinksolutionz.com) and the amount of information that you have stored. After the data has been collected and saved in our servers' log files, the IP addresses are then deleted or anonymized. In the process of anonymization, we ensure that the IP address cannot be used to trace the person whose information has been stored in the log files. If the identity of the person has to be determined, extensive research needs to be done to find out the character.

    The information that is stored in the server log files is used to make the shopping experience better, and this is by ensuring that our navigation is user-friendly, detecting and solving errors and ensuring that our server is directed to the areas where it is most needed. This will allow us to serve you quickly and also ensure that our site is efficient.

    By this, you agree to give your information to us to allow us to improve the online shopping experience.



    For you to place items in the shopping cart once you visit our website, you need to accept cookies. The shopping cart and checkout functions of our website require that you accept cookies. However, it is not compulsory for you to accept cookies.

    What are Cookies?

    Cookies are the files that are stored on the data carrier, and they contain information about your preferred settings and the information that the browser might need to ensure that our website offers you the best experience. Cookies are classified into two categories; session cookies, these are those cookies that expire once a session is ended. The second type is called persistent cookies; these cookies files stay longer on the browser or at times they remain permanently. Cookies ensure that you get the best shopping experience by allowing us to improve our services.


    Data we Collect

    Our website collects your data when you are placing an order or when you are registering for a particular service on our site. Once you register for any of our services including making purchases, you agree with our terms on the collection of data. The data we collect includes; your full name, address, email address, phone number, shipping address and the debit or credit card billing information.

    We do not sell personal information. We may share your information with third-party advertising companies and social media companies to display ads on our service and other sites. These companies may use cookies and similar technologies to collect information about you and use it to serve ads that they think will interest you (interest-based advertisements).